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Workshops are generally held every month. We have a rotating schedule of topics and are always adding more based on interest. Right now, we're teaching:

  • (Real) Politics 101

  • Organizing 101

  • Campaigns 101 

Want information on the next round of workshops? Sign up here!

Curious what we cover in workshops? Here's a taste. These slides are from a section of the (Real) Politics workshop on County Committees.


It is almost identical to the briefing on given to the actual New York Democratic County Committee by County Committee Secretary and You Matter co-founder, Ben Yee.

If you've taken County Committee 101 or (Real) Politics 101 or are on a County Committee, please feel free to use County Committee 201 as resource to prepare for Committee meetings.

Each County is slightly different in structure, but Robert's Rules of Order are the same everywhere. Please check your county Party's rules for specifics on how to apply these general lessons.

Let us know if you want a County Committee 201 tailored for your group.

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